Rave Like a Bastard

by Chevvers and Fluxxy

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Original blurb:
"Planet Mu's Chevron teams up with Oen-Flux in order to dish out four tracks of rave and happy hardcore, mashed up in a fashion that would make Shitmat blush. In a moment of actually quite ingenious sonic montage, Chevvers plays pop and springs a helium-dosed version of 2 Unlimited's 'No Limits' on you which he then proceeds to dismantle and re-pitch into the Eastenders theme tune, which he then mixes into with seamless aplomb. Further on the Rainbow theme song crosses over into the Brookside theme all accompanied by a slobbering beat atrocity to be reckoned with. There's a certain poetry to it. Fluxxy's side has a bit more of a 'purchased in Woolworths' vibe to it, opting for all out Bonkers-style hardcore obscenity coupled with lovingly crafted Prisoner Cell Block H theme tune stylings with a bit of Spice Girls tossed in for good measure. Utterly egregious in every possible sense, but then that's precisely why you'd want to buy this isn't it?"

"Four tracks of Bastard rave from these two nutters in varying styles between gabba, breakcore and happy hardcore. Wrong music giving it too you wrongly."

Originally released on Wrong Music Records in 2007


released June 1, 2007

Music written and produced by Chevron and Oen Flux.



all rights reserved


Chevron UK

I made a few tunes over the years on Planet Mu, Balkan Vinyl, 030303 and more.

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